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Madaschi SRL Granite Tiles mainly deals with the production and sale of granite tiles for internal and external floors and covering. Basing on the natural characteristics of the material it is possible to obtain different cut shapes with relative thicknesses. The particular manufacturing also allow the selection of different finishes, according to the type of material selected. The manufacturing may include following operations: Resin, Calibration, Polishing, Honing, Leather, Sandblasting, Flaming and Brushing.



The constant technological research has led to the introduction of an innovative natural material engraving service. Madaschi SRL offers the opportunity to further customize the natural stone through the laser engraving of personalized graphics or specific drawings on request of the Customer. It is therefore possible to select graphics from the catalogue and/or at the same time indicate your own exclusive design, which will be elaborated at a later stage by our technicians.



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cerifications and marking

Madaschi SRL Granite Tiles is a company that is constantly being updated, in line with esigenge of quality required by the market, has got the certification OHSAS 18001:2007 - Occupational health and Safety Management.

The company also has the CE marking in according to relevant regulation:

  • EN 1469       paving stones in natural stone
  • EN 12057     modular marble tiles in natural stone
  • EN 12058     paving stones and staircase in natural stone

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machinery inventory

To ensure the high standard quality of the manufactured materials, the company has entire production lines composed by machinery of latest generation which allow to obtain different thicknesses and finishes.

  • 8 block-cutters to cut different thicknesses
  • resin material department
  • flaming plants
  • 3 complete lines for finishing


size and thicknesses available

The high technology of the machinery used in the processing of natural stone ensures a high quality standard. Showing below the cutting sizes and relative thickness available:


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