Privacy Policy

Data Protection Declaration

Please read the following declaration carefully in order to knowingly express your consent to the use of personal data and to get full knowledge of your data protection rights and options you have, according to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament (“GDPR”).

1. Who are we?
Madaschi S.R.L. Granite Tiles is the controller for the purposes of the GDPR, a company registered in Italy P. Iva 02040560167, with its registered office located at Via Salnitro 12 - 24060 Carobbio degli Angeli (BG) - Italy The data controller is in charge for choices concerning why, how and by which means your personal data are used.

2. For what purpose we use personal data?   
Personal data that you knowingly provided by filling up our contact form will be used by Madaschi S.R.L. Granite Tiles , according to your choices, for the following reasons:  

Purposes of the use of data Why do we use these data?Who has access to your data?How long will we hold your data?
Providing you with technical and commercial information by email. Data processing is optional and your explicit consent is needed. Our authorized  staff only. For 26 months from your request.

3. What happens if you do not provide your data and/or deny approval?
If you deny your approval, Madaschi S.R.L. Granite Tiles will not be able to send you technical and commercial information by email.  Madaschi S.R.L. Granite Tiles and selected third parties might also process your personal data for anonymous statistical analysis to improve our services. This processing activity is based on legitimate interest. In the event that your personal data are incomplete or incorrect, Madaschi S.R.L. Granite Tiles will not be able to guarantee a proper handling of your request. 

4. How do we use your data?
Madaschi S.R.L. Granite Tiles and selected third parties use your personal data by taking all the reasonable steps to protect the security and privacy of personal information that you provide, employing both electronic and paper tools.  

5. With whom do we share your data
In order to handle your specific requests, your personal data will be used by: (i) internal employees of Madaschi S.R.L. Granite Tiles , expressly authorized and therefore tied to confidentiality, or (ii) by external partners selected by Madaschi S.R.L. Granite Tiles (former art. 28 GDPR) as external data controller, on the basis of a specific agreement aiming to guarantee that your personal data are processed according to the terms you explicitly accepted as mentioned under point 2. The full list of (external) personal data controller is available at CEV S.R.L. ’s registered office and can be requested by using the contact details reported below. 

6. For how long will you hold my data?
Your personal data will be only held for the time reported in the chart at point 2, unless your consent is withdrawn or unless your rights are exercised as mentioned under point 8. In any case, the firm’s owner or the appointed data controller can hold your personal data longer, but only  to fulfil specific legal obligations. At the end of this period your data will be cancelled or changed to anonymous data.    

7. Do we transfer data to destinations outside of the EEA?
None of your personal data will be stored, transferred or sent or stored to any legal subjects  residing outside the European Economic Area.

8. How can you exercise your privacy rights?
CEV S.R.L. and its partners allow you to exercise all your legal rights concerning the use of personal data that you provided. You can exercise these rights at any time, in detail you can:

  1. Inquire whether and how your data are being processed (Right to access).
  2. If necessary, request an update, a correction or completion your data (Right of rectification). 
  3. Request to cancel your personal data (Right to erasure)
  4. Request to restrict or halt the processing of data in case of potential legal violations. 
  5. When technically possible, ask for a copy of your data in an interoperable format, which can be easily transferred to other operators.
  6. Object to the use of your data for acceptable reasons.
  7. Withdraw a given consent at any time
  8. Inquire about the processes of automated individual decision-making.

All the above-mentioned enquiries can be addressed to CEV S.R.L. ’s registered office or sent by email to the email address

Please remember that, in any case, you have the right to file a complaint to the competent authorities, i.e. to the Data Protection Authority, directly